Cramer's Mad Money Performance

Cramer's Mad Money Performance
Last Live Show: 6/15/2022    Stocks Archived: 23366
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How to Read Our Charts

All of Cramer's calls are divided into the five categories listed below. Stocks are also categorized by the segment of the show in which they were mentioned. These classifications make it easy to sort through the thousands of calls Cramer's made in recent months.

The "add" link to the right of each listing adds that stock to a "Mad Money" portfolio where you can quickly see what Cramer thinks about all of your favorite stocks all in one place. You can also receive email alerts the next time Jim mentions one of your stocks on Mad Money.

What's the difference between a "Buy" and a "Positive" or a "Sell" and a "Negative"? If Cramer says he "likes" or "dislikes" a stock, we'll give it a "Positive" or "Negative" mention. We reserve the "Buy" and "Sell" calls for when Cramer specifically says you should buy or sell or when the bull or bear graphic is displayed.

We are impartial in our recording and simply log exactly what was said. We do not interpret the calls. If a call is vague or in question we simply won't list it.

On our "Best" and "Worst Calls Overall" pages, you may choose to view Cramer's picks using the current stock price (Current Δ) or using the stock's price 7, 14 or 30 days after the call was made. These historical views will give you a more accurate picture of how a stock did after Cramer mentioned it. You may also view historical data by using "Search by Stock" above and selecting the "advanced view" in the blue header.

 Call Icons
  BuyBuy Recommendation
  PositivePositive Mention
  HoldHold or Neutral
  NegativeNegative Mention
  SellSell Recommendation
 Segment Icons
  Featured StockFeatured Stock
  Discussed StockDiscussed Stock
  Caller's StockCaller's Stock
  InterviewGuest Interview
  Lightning RoundLightning Round!
  Mail BagMail Bag
  Game PlanGame Plan
  Sudden DeathSudden Death
 Historical Data
  Current Δ  Change with Current Price
  Δ 7 Days  Change 7 Days After Call
  Δ 14 Days  Change 14 Days After Call
  Δ 30 Days  Change 30 Days After Call